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yWriter5 | The Perfect Plotting Tool

20 Oct

Inspiration for Main Character

So I’ve been working hardcore on my plots today for NaNoWriMo, trying to get my outline together and settle more on the characters and exactly what is going to happen when. I’ve had a hell of a lot of ideas and keeping them in a notebook is, admittedly, my usual strategy. But I thought that this time I would attempt to do something different- and that something different consists of using software to plan, organize, and even write my novel!

So far I’ve set up all 26 of my chapters. I got some help from some people on the NaNoWriMo Forums¬†for a couple of the letters I needed for chapters- and am (at the moment) only missing one chapter title. Awesome, isn’t it?

Now that I have all of my chapters in I’m working on some character profiles and basic notes about quirks & etc. I’m also doing a little bit of research about useless science degrees (useless for the setting of the novel anyway) for my character to have so that it makes sense for him to be a genius and working in the bakery. (He’s a lot like Sheldon Cooper- hence the photo above.)

I’m so excited for NaNo now that the plotting has begun! Full steam ahead!


Simple Scarf (And Some NaNoWriMo)

14 Oct

Simple Scarf

So I’m taking a break from knitting my Christmas gifts to make a couple of scarves in some multi-color yarn that I bought. I want to do something simple and brainless, so that’s what I’m working on. I started tonight at the post-writer’s-group hang out and got about six inches of the scarf done. I’m using needles that are bigger than I like- size 10, and size 8 or 6 are my favorite. But I like the way the colors are striping. I’m doing it in a simple stockinette stitch- except the first and last three rows are straight knit, and I’m knitting the first and last three stitches of each row to prevent curling. The yarn looked like it would be hideous, but it’s producing nice striping and looks like something from American Eagle in my opinion.

I also got some plotting done for my NaNo today. I named my main character Alfie Urswick and I’ve begun working out some character profiles on him and the girl he’s holding hostage in his basement. It was a semi-productive day. But I have a lot more to get done in the next two weeks if I hope to end up with a successful NaNo project! It was a lot of fun, though, hanging out with DLD, Becca, & Kristyn. It was a great girl’s night, and I had some delicious hot chocolate drowning in caramel at B&N.

The next few months will be so busy! NaNo, Christmas Knitting, holidays, etc. I’m going to be dragging by the new year!