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26 Dec

Melman the Giraffe

So for Christmas, as you all know, I did a hell of a lot of knitting. Well, I made three stuffed giraffes for the children in my family. Unfortunately I only got a photo of one of them- I forgot to take one of the last two. The one featured was the first I made. The others are more mismatched. I made one giraffe with a yellow body that had pink spots, and it’s arms were pink with yellow spots. The third giraffe I made had a body that was pink with yellow spots, arms that were green with black spots, and a black nose and green ears.

The blue/pink one was gifted to my cousin Airiana who is only 2 1/2. The yellow one to my baby cousin Megan who is only 10 months old. And the third to my brother’s girlfriend’s daughter Piper. They were well received, and all of the adults were very impressed- insisting I ought to knit things to sell. At the moment I haven’t any interest in that though.

The pattern, once again, comes from Ravelry. It was an amazingly simple pattern. I used size 10 needles and acrylic yarn (because I didn’t have the money for something nicer and softer.)

The pattern is called Melman the Giraffe. Many people have knitted it in yellow and brown- as the pattern states- but I couldn’t resist making brightly colored, adorable giraffes.

It is a quick and easy knit. Size 6 double pointed needles have been my best friends this holiday season. Not only is it a quick and easy knit, it looks great. Everyone will be incredibly impressed with this little guy. He looks so much like a giraffe and is the perfect, squeezable size for the kidlets.

The only  modification I made was putting polka dots on the giraffe. It’s a simple edit. Where ever you want a spot knit two in contrasting color, the next two rows knit four in the contrasting color (so that you have one on either side of the first two), and then the fourth row knit two in contrasting color. It makes something akin to a hexagon. That’s all!


Slouchy Purple Hat

8 Dec

this photo (and none really) do the hat justice

I have a 17 year old cousin who is very Boho and faux hippy. She’s a great girl, and I love her to death. I can’t wait until she gets to be a real adult so we can hang out and do real adult things together. At any rate, this knit was for her!

It’s another Christmas project. I was searching for slouchy hats for myself (I love hats) and stumbled across this pattern: Slouchy Lace Hat by Jessamyn. When I saw it, I knew that my cousin would love it and immediately started to work on it (even though I have other, more pressing gifts to finish).

I used a soft, dark purple yarn from Lion Brand Jiffy. It’s called Grape. The color is gorgeous and so is the texture of the hat.

I didn’t follow the pattern exactly. Through some error I managed to give the lace a really interesting zig-zagged type of pattern. I have no idea what I did, but I love how it turned out, error and all.

The pattern says to repeat rounds 8 & 9 twelve times for a total of 24 rows. I had somewhere around 40 rows, so I repeated it about 20 times. Also, when I switched to double pointed needles for the finishing and cast off I jumped up to size 10. I didn’t have size 8 double pointed needles available, but I can’t tell that it mad any real difference in the hat.

I definitely suggest the pattern to anyone who wants a cute, comfy hat. I’m going to add it to my list of things to make for myself after Christmas.

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There is something about paper….

7 Oct

There is just something about writing with pen and paper that I love. It inspires my creativity more than typing. But I am very particular about notebooks and pens. I used to hate notebooks that were like legal pads- flip tops- until I found these notebooks. They’re amazing- the front is also cardboard so they’re stiff and they’re just perfect, I can’t explain it. And I also suggest these pens – which have a micro tip, .5mm and they don’t smear and are perfect. Just had to put that out there… So anywho…

I finished one of my Christmas knitting projects today, so I started to work on planning my NaNoWriMo novel. I’m really excited about the project, and I think it’s going to be pretty awesome. The basic premise is a guide on How To be A Serial Killer- with each chapter as a letter of the alphabet. Example: Chapter 1 would be “Always Kill Your Victims”. The narrative then goes on to introduce Alfie- the serial killer- and the woman he’s keeping hostage in his basement. Essentially it goes on to tell all about how the serial killer in question is breaking all of the rules. It’s supposed to be hilarious and ridiculaous- all for fun. Because I want to do something very light hearted for the project since I’ll have so many other things going on.

I’ve also been working on my poetry! I’m working on a collection of poems inspired by my family, and finished one about my great grandparents. I have this wonderful memory of my great grandfather painting my great grandmother’s toes, and thinking- you know what, this is what love looks like! So I wrote a cute little poem about it- and the few people I trust to give a critical eye to my poetry really liked it. I think it’s going to be a fun project- and my family is very colorful so I will have a lot of inspiration.

My next knitting project is Bender! So let’s see how things go.