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The Jayne Hat Experiment

5 Oct

The Pink Jayne Hat

As a nerd, and as a part of a nerdherd, things always turn geeky. I’ve been knitting for a few years now, but have only recently branched out past scarves and hats. I wanted to try to follow a few patterns, and for my friend’s birthday he wants a Jayne Hat. For those of you unaware- Jayne is a character in Serenity/Firefly, and his mother knits him a hat and he wears it in the show and call sit his Cunning Hat. Anywho- I told him I would knit one!

I found this pattern online for the Jayne hat- and I decided, before using the appropriate colors to knit it in, that I would do it in bright girly colors- thereby making a lady-like Jayne hat that Mom Cobb could be proud of!

It turned out much better than I originally expected. The ear flaps are a bit long- but that can be easily fixed when I make the legitimate version. Full size pictures after the cut!

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