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Bender Has Begun!!

11 Oct

Bender's LegsToday was a very productive day. I got up early(ish) and I did some laundry- followed by beginning my new knitting project. This one is going much faster than my first one. I’m knitting Bender for my friend Ben- and today I got the legs done! I was really surprised at how quickly they went after I figured it out.

Logically I knew that trying to knit a crochet pattern could prove difficult- but I didn’t realize how complicated it could become until I tried it. I ended up doing it in reverse order- knitting from the top of the leg down to the bottom of Bender’s foot and it helped a hell of a lot.

Essentially I cast on 9 stitches- three per needle. Then I did 7 rows of gray, 2 rows of black. After that I did 6 rows of gray, 2 rows of black- repeated until I had four rows of black. I knitted once more around in gray, then increased to 15 stitches and followed the original pattern backward to finish up his feet.

I think his legs actually turned out rather well, and I’m super excited to finish up more of him. 🙂