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Operation Sexy Update: Inches Lost

21 Feb

I’ve been on my weight loss journey now for just one week short of two months. It hasn’t been easy, and I’ve already fallen off track once- for about two and a half weeks- while I had a cold and just got generally discouraged. But I got back on the horse, found out I had actually lost a half pound during this time, and kept on trucking.

Friday I hit 213lbs, meaning I had lost 10 pounds total. I was over the moon ecstatic about it! That first ten pounds means a lot to me, and even though it took me a long time to get it, I feel like I genuinely earned it. I’ve been losing weight doing it the old fashioned way. Counting calories in versus calories out. Going to the gym three to five times a week. Trying to make healthier choices in my lifestyle. Increasing my water intake. It’s not hard- but it’s long and it is tedious. It’s also been a huge help to have the aid of My Fitness Pal. Myself and a lot of my friends use it. (My username is MissBethea.)

On top of having lost ten pounds, I’ve also been losing inches! I took my first measurements on January 11, 2012. About two weeks into my weight loss.

Starting Figures
Waist: 44 Inches
Hips: 47 inches
Bust: 49.5

Current Figures
Waist: 42.5 Inches (loss of 1.5 inches)
Hips: 46 inches (loss of 1 inch)
Bust: 47.75 (loss of 1.75 inches)

I started doing Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred last week, too. I took Saturday and Sunday off, and today I started with Day 6. I took my measurements for this on Day 1 as well. I’ve already begun losing inches (even partial ones) in less than one week of doing this workout. (Which kicks my ass every time.)

30 Day Shred Losses
Waist: .5 inch
Hips: 0 inch
Bust: .25 inch
Waist @ Navel: 1 inch
Thigh: .5 inch

That is so insane! To think, one week of a work out has already made that much of a progress! It’s only been a 1lb loss since I started- but even so, one pound in a week is significant, especially considering that even though I’m not losing tons of pounds my measurements are obviously decreasing. (Except my hips! Oh well.)

Essentially- stay positive ladies and gents who are working out for your New Year’s Resolution. Because if you stay positive and work hard- you will see results. Only a loss of 5 pounds has already seen a total loss of 5.75 inches. (My starting weight was 223lbs, the day I took my first measurements I weighed 218lbs.)


Operation Sexy Update

20 Jan

As per usual I have been a busy bee. This week has been especially long and draining. But I wanted to drop in an update on my weight-loss progress since the new year. In the last three weeks I have lost about 6 to 7 pounds, which is really great. That’s about 2lbs a week, and is exactly the goal I have been shooting for.

But there are victories that have nothing to do with the scale. Like feeling better. Having more energy. Not needing to snack all of the time. Going to department stores, trying on cute dresses, and finding that they look good on you and that you can already see a difference in your body in roughly a month. Yeah, that last one definitely pertains to the picture on the left.

Sure, the dress is still a size 18. But that’s okay. Because it looks good on me. I would go so far as to say it looks great. (Yes, I know the Skeletoes kind of ruin the effect, but those are my favorite shoes!) I put it on and I looked in the mirror and I smiled. That is so ridiculously unusual!

This past week I have only been to the gym three times- maybe four. It was hell. I missed going. I felt fat. I felt unproductive. I felt like I was ruining a great habit and a good thing for myself. I intend to go tomorrow and pick back up going- like I said, it was a long and draining week and sometimes you just need some “me” time and time to hang out with your girlfriends and not worry about whether or not you’ve lost that extra half pound that you are so desperately trying to lose. I needed the break, and I feel better for it.

It’s not hard, really, to watch what you eat and go to the gym. It just takes some willpower and being able to power through “I don’t feel like it” days- which is willpower I lack sometimes.

But I definitely urge anyone and everyone out there trying to lose weight who needs some extra accountability (and loves social networking) to try out My Fitness Pal. You can set your own goals, track your food, and the app for iPods is even available offline to use. And the android app is awesome. And the actual website has message boards and status updates and friend requests- like Facebook for dieters.

My food diary is public, and my account is found as MissBethea. Click here to view my profile and click here to check out my food diary. You can do it. If I can do it- anybody can!

Jump Start to New Years

29 Dec

So for New Years I’m going to try to go to the gym and lose weight and build some healthier habits. I started a little early- Tia & I signed up for the gym on the 27th. Yesterday we went and did an hour of cardio. Let me tell you I used to LOVE the elliptical and now it kills me! But I stuck it out for 30 minutes and did 30 on the bikes.

Today we went and had a meeting with the physical trainer. We set up our personal fitness plans. We did the 30 minute work out and we attended some of his classes. We targeted abs, obliques, legs, arms, and back today. We learned how to use a lot of the machines and what to do when we are out there on our own.

Day 2 of Operation Sexy ended on a good note. My goal is to get down to 150lbs. Who knows if I ever will- but I’m sure as hell hoping!

Dieting is a pain but we are using this great tool. My Fitness Pal is an excellent site. It’s like a social networking site for weight loss. You can add friends and see status updates and comment on them and get encouragement from total strangers. The apps for Android & Iphone are also awesome- and if you just have an ipod you can use it offline which is super handy.

I plan to post some updates along the way of my progress. Probably weigh ins and inches lost. Wish us luck!