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Striped Snake

11 Jan

Striped Snake for Dominique

So here is another of my Christmas projects! I made a striped snake for my friend Dominique. (She writes a couple of wordpress blogs, including: Screaming At The World, and The RPG Lady.) I asked her what she wanted, and she told me that she wanted a snake. I searched through a lot of patterns on Ravelry. It took a while to find one that I really liked- and I chose it because I adored the shape of the snake’s head. I settled on Striped Snake by Sarah Ann Thompson. I thought it was a lovely pattern and I knew I could the bright, obnoxious colors my friend and I both adored.

I used acrylic yarn- because I am poor and because I actually really like knitting with it. Standard Red Heart super savers. I didn’t edit the pattern on this one at all. Which is unusual. I typically change little things here or there to suit my personal knitting preferences and styles. But this pattern was just so lovely, perfect, and written in an incredibly easy to follow way. The only advice I really have is to be sure you carry your yarn over when you witch colors to make it more seamless and avoid any “gaps”. But that’s common sense for most people who knit a lot. The only other thing I did differently was needle size. I love size 6 DPNs for stuffed animals- and that’s what I use, almost exclusively. I also made him shorter than the pattern suggested, but he looks great.

More photos after the cut!
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