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Cthulhu Plushy

3 Jan

Another Christmas project I can finally post is the Cthulhu plushy which I knitted for Bob. I finished this ages ago- and I was so proud of it- but didn’t want to post it to ruin the surprise.

I used a pattern for his head. I used the Nautie pattern by Beth Skwarecki. I made a small edit. Instead of knitting two parts for the head- I simply kept going, making one solid head out of a single color. That way no parts were stitched together. Other than that, I followed the pattern. It’s a lot easier than it looks, thankfully. The I-Cord was a pain because I had never done it before and it took a while to get the hang of doing it. Because you have to knit a few rows for it to actually look likea cord.

Other than the head, this wasn’t simple. I kind of… made up the rest as I went. I didn’t write down a pattern for it (sorry about that!) because I didn’t intend to want to share it at that point. For the body I simply knitted something roughly peanut shaped.The arms and legs were simple stuffed tubes that I stitched to the body.

The wings I knitted flat. I would increase and decrease the number of stitches on a row to get the zig zagged edges of wings. Getting them to stand straight up was a little difficult- but easy to fix. I knitted I-Cord long enough to attach to the edges of the wings, and then stuffed a pipe cleaner down into the cords. Then I stitched them to the wings. And then they stood out straight!

I really love how this little guy turned out! Progress photos after the cut!

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