Knitting A Shawl Lengthwise…

28 Oct

So I’m working on making myself a shawl with ladders in it- styled after the various Clap style patterns on Ravelry. I wanted it striped- but wanted it to strip lengthwise, so I’m knitting it on round needles. I cast on 300 stitches after doing a test block to see the gauge of the yarn and my needles. By my estimations the shawl should end up being around 6 feet long so that it wraps really nicely.

I’ve never done a scarf or shawl lengthwise before. DLDzioba has always claimed it’s an awful experience, but I’m actually finding it preferable. I feel like I can actually see the progress quicker as opposed to having to knit like 300 rows.

I’m using Encore Colorspun Worsted color 7733 and Stylecraft Life DK in Granite Marl. They look great together and I’m ridiculously thrilled with how well it is turning out so far. I’m just hoping there is enough of the pink- since it has 100+ yards less in than the granite color.

I’m hoping to finish this by November 5th to wear it to the Renaissance Festival. We’ll see how that goes. After I’m finished I’ll post a pattern!


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