Ickle Monsters

17 Oct
Ickle Monsters

Ickle Monsters

So I’ve been doing tons more knitting- as will be the case at least until Christmas, and probably after considering how much fun I have been having lately. My friend TaNeesha had her baby shower this past Saturday- and sadly, I could not attend. I was out of town visiting my mother, but DL Dzioba and I decided to do something handmade and adorable for our friend, hoping she would find them cute and enjoy them.

I don’t work right now- so knitting is taking place of gifts for me it seems. Anyway, we saw a pattern for “Monster Chunks” and decided to use them to inspire us to greatness- and made a small three person family of monsters. (Our friend’s family will be three people, so it was fitting!) The two big monster I knitted. DL Dzioba crocheted the little green monster. All in all, I think they are incredibly adorable!

Here is the pattern which inspired us!


One Response to “Ickle Monsters”

  1. Angela October 20, 2011 at 10:20 am #

    Those little monsters are so cute! I’ll have to try to make some myself.

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