100,000 Poets for Change

12 Oct

My Writing ProcessOn September 24th of this year we had a local even for 100,000 Poets for Change. It was a great and exciting and very moving event. So many great local poets gathered and read their works, and I was so very impressed! Scott Owens- my creative writing teacher from college- organized it. He is also the man who runs the Wild Goose Poetry Review– an online poetry journal. He’s probably the primary reason I began to take my poetry seriously, and has aided me in getting published a few times online and twice in print now!

Anyway- this is a celebratory post to let my friends & readers know that he is going to publish one of my poems into his journal from the event that I read at. I read a few poems at the event, and the one he has chosen to publish is called “Smear the Queer” and is about the injustices against homosexuals and was written as a response to the number of teen suicides due to sexuality. I also read “Fat & Happy” which is a poem about embracing oneself- because I genuinely believe that if you can’t love and accept yourself, then you cannot begin to love and accept others. The final poem I read is one that is a part of a collection I’m currently working on.

The collection I’m working on are poems inspired by my family. (Another project given to my creative writing class by Mr. Owens.) I’ve written a few already, the latest being my favorite- one that is about my great grandparents, and one of the very few poems I’ve ever written that is not cynical and truly about love and happiness.

This publication will make my fifth or sixth total- which is pretty awesome! Go me!


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